Location: Citadella

Competition date: 29/aug/2020

On-site registration: from 17:00

Event registration: opens on 15 of July at 10:00 AM on BUG website.

Those wonderful summer nights are already here when air caressing your skin is a gift in its sole simplicity. When heat gives its place to sunset, it is just the best time for a refreshing, relaxing yoga. The session is held by Petraflow, who is well-known as someone who is attracted to yoga sessions held up high, as it is also her who initiated the so-called “rooftop yoga movement”. Citadel, with its magnificent panorama, will provide a worthy venue for the next practice. We are going to move our body parts and breath through our souls with the help of a dynamic vinyasa flow practice. We are going to intermingle the asanas with the rhythm of our breathing, experiencing the space where our body and breath blend with the present moment. Lounge tunes will ensure the experience of the “original” Petraflow atmosphere.

Beginners, be brave and come, I will pay attention to you! Advanced yogis, I promise you won't be bored either :)