Citadel run – Lookout circle run at the top of Citadel in 7 / 14 / 21 km races

Competition date: 29/aug/2020

Event registration: opens 15 of July at 10:00 AM on BUG website. Entry is subject to deposit that is 5,000 Ft / entrant for individual sport types. If you attend the competition we refund this amount to you by wire-transfer within 10 days after the date of event.

Registration deadline: 28/aug/2020 at 21:00!

There will be no possibility to register on site!

There is no other place in the world where you could run surrounded by such a panorama that Citadel Run offers. What is more, this year we are raising the stakes and you will be able to complete the 7, 14, 21 K races on a new course. The track twists and turns around the Citadel and Gellért hegy, so it will be a tough one, with lots of elevation and steps. This year professional background is provided by Sanyoszistálló again, who organize 4 pre-runs so that you can learn every bits and pieces of the route.

Start times and track information

- 9:00 – 21 km race | 3 laps | 690 meter elevation | time limit 3:30

- 10:00 – 14 km race | 2 laps | 460 meter elevation | time limit 2:30

- 11:00 - 7 km race | 1 laps | 230 meter elevation | time limit 1:15


The running competition is organized in three events, in 7 K, 14 K and 21 K races according to different age groups. The running track goes along the Citadel esplanade and under the ancient trees of Gellért hegy with sections covered sometimes by asphalt, other times gravel, but there are also forest paths. As mentioned, besides the 233 m elevation per lap there is a chunk of steps on the route too. The designated running course is a totally closed area with no vehicular traffic, but tourists are allowed to use it during the competition as well. So, we would like to ask our competitors to compete by taking sufficient caution, and with patience!

There are some narrow sections on the running track, for this reason we start the runners on the given races separately and at intervals.

We will measure the times of competitors by using microchip transponder technology. We attach the microchip to the race number, no deposit is required to be placed for it.

We will set up 3 refreshment stations at the 7 K running course.

Prizes: the absolute and age group category winners will receive special medals and certificates.

Locker rooms: we provide safe luggage storage and changing room in the tents set up in front of the start area.

Mobile toilets: they are provided for the entrants set up in the start zone.

First aid: during the race a professional first aider is on alert ready to engage. Every participant is obliged to take particular care of his/her own and the others’ good health, and if the situation requires it, to provide help to his/her sports-mates who may suffer an accident.

Responsibility: the organisers are not responsible for any accident, or damage suffered as a result of the health state, unpreparedness, carelessness, thoughtlessness of the competitor.

Copyrights: during the competition we take photographs and audio-visual recordings of the participants. These are considered as copyrighted materials owned by the organisers, who are free to use their content.

Other information!

- Any runner may participate in the competition who is prepared for it and accepts the terms and conditions written in the competition program. By paying the registration fee, the participant understands and accepts the competition program, and expresses his/her consent to be bound by it!

- Any competitor is subject to disqualification who folds, covers his/her race number, who does not wear it pinned on his/her chest, who does not complete the full distance of the race — as it is designated by the organisers —, or who fills in the entry form incorrectly, incompletely, or by providing data that does not reflect reality. Photographs and audio-visual recordings may be taken of the event throughout the route of the competition, before start, and during the announcement of results. The organisers may share these contents on the competition website and in their publications. By registering and participating in the competition, participants understand and accept that the organisers are free to use the photos and recordings taken of them for any type of commercial activity or publication. Nobody has the right to receive any type of renumeration who appears on the photos or audio-visual recordings.

- We ask everybody not to use headphones!

- Photos found on the homepage are free to be downloaded!

- By filling in and signing the entry form or by registering online the entrant accepts the terms and conditions of the competition program and the competition rules and regulations.

- Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by the organisers in advance, and is allowed to be carried out in a form and manner agreed by both parties.

The organiser reserves the right to limit the number of participants, to close the registration period at anytime, and to change the route, the program and the date of the competition, for any reason.